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Hobi - TV Shows Reminder

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Mô tả của Hobi - TV Shows Reminder

TV series addict? using IMDB every day?

Manage TV shows with Hobi TV series - your shows manager.

Use Hobi whenever you need a TV guide or to stay updated with our special series guide tracker.

Addicted to NetFlix TV shows?

TV Show Tracker is what you're looking for? then you must try Hobi - TV Show Tracker

Use Hobi - TV shows app for TV Shows Addicts.

You're probably following a bunch of TV shows and find it difficult to stay up to date with all of them.

We had the exact same problem, so we created Hobi - TV Shows Reminder.

Hobi makes it easy to trakt your TV shows - simply tap a show you like and we'll do the rest.

Hobi will notify you when a new season premieres or when a new episode airs.


✓ TV reminder

✓ Series guide

✓ Series reminder

✓ Smart reminder for each series

✓ TV Shows reminder

✓ TV guide

✓ Notifications about new seasons and episodes.

✓ Explore popular TV shows, like Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Silicon Valley, Pokemon ...

✓ Remind me feature included

✓ Manage your schedule upfront

✓ New episodes notifications

✓ New releases notifications

✓ Popular TV shows

✓ Top rated TV shows

✓ Follow your favorite TVshow time after time

✓ TVshow tracker

★ Visit our Fan page: https://www.facebook.com/tv.hobi

★ Visit our Youtube page: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7NtGGKl9LVg6P42S-de47A

** You can NOT watch shows with Hobi **

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